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Vickie’s week in Pictures #1

Sorry for the massive gap on our blog, we have both been incredibly busy, Allie is moving and I am in the process of finishing uni and moving too, so we’re a bit pushed for time! Sorry! Anyway, I have been out and about and have done some things in the last week that I thought I would share with you and then try to make a regular feature!

Monday 14th April – Photo shoot for Becky!

Working as a make-up artist is actually not always fun, but even though it was raining and a bit chilly we had a lot of fun, and in the pictures you can’t see the rain or umbrellas, always a bonus!




Tuesday 12th April – Food Shopping!

An average journey with my boyfriend and something that everyone has to do, but discovering Tesco do Disney Princess bags for life has made my week! It’s so cute and I really hope it lasts a long time!


Wednesday 13th April – Fun Socks

As you all have seen my passion for fun socks is something that I find hard to hide and these cute little ones from Accessorize are adorable! Easy to pair with most things as they are black and white and the panda design tends to get people talking about them, which is a bonus as I love my socks!



Thursday 14th April – Photo shoot #2

Another day, another shoot! Today the weather was gorgeous so shooting was much easier this time, here’s a sneak of the shoot, it was quite a contemporary look with a slight wave in the hair and glowing skin! Always a bonus working in the sun!




Friday 15th April – Bourton on the Water

A little pre-Easter visit to the cute and pretty village of Bourton on the Water! It was another lovely day, and there were some cute little houses and ducklings around! Plus we had some lovely fish and chips and ice cream by the river!



That’s it from me! Hope you enjoy the pictures and I’ll try to make this a more regular feature!

Vickie x


George Home Haul

So recently (yesterday) I was visiting my mum at home and she showed me the George Home range, and I instantly fell in love! I didn’t think that there would be that much of a range and really think that it is quite affordable, and let’s face it, affordable style is something we all want! I was so enthralled I immediately ran to the nearest ASDA, which just so happens to be a larger Walmart store, meaning there is much more space and range of products than normal ASDA (they didn’t have everything and lamps were in the lighting section, heads up)! I am moving in with my boyfriend in July, so excitedly we started shopping. Most items are good quality and are very attractive, plus not too many were faddy or likely to become “unfashionable” quickly, something that is also important, I want to be able to have the same look for a while and don’t want to constantly be buying cushions or throws to update it. We went with a yellow and cream scheme for kitchen bits and then blue for the bathroom (shocker!).

Here’s a little image of some of the bits we grabbed, I didn’t include everything, but here’s a quick list of the things we got!

LOVE cushion £12

Yellow Union Jack cushion £9

Dog paperweight £4

Green and Pink tea towels £1 each

Prince’s Trust Posh Animal

Mugs (rabbit and dog)  £4 for two

Ceramic soap dish  £2.50

Dish cloths £1 for 4

Salt and Pepper shakers £2

Ceramic tumbler £2.50

“Kingfisher” Blue bath sheet £6

White heart coasters £4

“Kingfisher” Blue  bath mat £4

Mixing bowl £5

Bamboo wooden chopping board heart £4

Ceramic casserole dish £4

Ceramic roaster £6



Vickie x

Festival Futures







So as we all know, SUMMER IS COMING, and as British Summer Time is now here, that means that FESTIVALS ARE COMING too! This week as I speculatively look at which festivals I am considering (Bestival, with its fancy dress themes, or Lovebox, less intense and more about the music) I decided to buy a Festival Kit by Superdry Beauty. Strange I know, Superdry don’t particularly advertise their beauty range, but this kit has 6 items for the bargain price of £25. Now as a lover of make-up and beauty this seemed way too good to miss, so as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it! The products include a water-bottle, mascara, lip crayon, wonder balm (lip and body moisturiser), a body mist, and 10 disposable face wipes which expand in water, a bit like those flannels you had when you were a kid, remember? The products are all good quality and smell delightful, apple face wipe anyone? They look and feel fresh and the water bottle has a handy carabiner clip, connecting you to water or whatever else you choose to put in the bottle! Overall it is a lovely product and for the price you can’t really go wrong! Here’s hoping Chanel bring one out soon too!

Vickie x

Run For Your Life

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve started a new fitness regime. Motivated into doing so by watching my boyfriend decide to be at his fittest in time for his birthday in July, I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon. After running all throughout my teen years, I stopped when I went to university and piled on the dreaded ‘Freshers 15’. That 15lb crept up with special thanks going to cheap SU bar cider mixed with late night takeaways and my half-hearted gym attempts turned into nothing but wasted money on a membership I never used.

Determined to improve my fitness and lessen the flab in time for the summer music festival I booked, I went out and splashed the cash on a cute pair of Nike’s to get me started. However, as I find it impossible to go shopping and come out with just one thing, I also ended up with running leggings, skipping ropes, yoga mats and water bottles.


The positive of having a lighter bank balance is that spending more than I should’ve had motivated me to get my money’s worth and work out every day since! Combining running, yoga, cardio and core-strengthening workouts is pretty fun so far and I hope I still think so in a month’s time!

And it just so happens that Topshop launched their Topshop x Adidas Originals range this week and I have my beady eye on this football tee for £30 to reward myself with after a few more sweaty sessions.


Not only that, but I’ve started to take a big old interest in workout clothing and find Sweaty Betty to have the cutest range of yoga pants and running leggings that I’m inching closer and closer to buying when I’ve finally justified the price tag to myself!


A big shoutout goes to whoever told me to try frozen grapes because that shit is cray. Yummy, yummy craziness.

x Allie x

Beauty and Hair Haul!

So as mentioned before, I have given up sweets, cakes and all things nice for Lent, which means I have been able to spend a bit of money on some bits and bobs for my face and hair! I went to Primark for the large majority of items that I bought, it was cheap and I needed to get some essentials, other things were merely bought out of curiosity due to there being a big buzz around Primark’s new beauty range. I also bought some socks too, as they were so cute I couldn’t quite resist them! I then popped into Superdrug for a few palettes by Sleek Make-up as I like their products and find that they are reasonably priced and have good pigmentation.

Here are the products I picked up, Primark first followed by Superdrug. Hope you like the products, enjoy!

group shot

Backcombing Brush - £1 Tail Comb (2 Pack) - £1

Backcombing Brush – £1
Tail Comb (2 Pack) – £1

Face Wipes (2 Pack) - £1

Face Wipes (2 Pack) – £1

Eyeshadows - £2

Eyeshadows – £2

Mascara - £1

Mascara – £1

Lip Stain Pen £2.50

Lip Stain Pen £2.50

Socks- £2.50

Socks- £2.50

i-Divine 'Au Naturel' Palette - £7.99

i-Divine ‘Au Naturel’ Palette – £7.99

i-Divine 'Au Naturel' Palette - £7.99

i-Divine ‘Au Naturel’ Palette – £7.99

Blush By 3 - £9.99

Blush By 3 – £9.99

Blush By 3 - £9.99

Blush By 3 – £9.99

Corrector & Conceal - £7.99

Corrector & Conceal – £7.99

Corrector & Conceal - £7.99

Corrector & Conceal – £7.99

x Vickie x

Sugar, Spice & All Things Nice

While my fabulous co-blogger has given up sweet treats for Lent, I’m indulging in them like always.  This week, the cakes and e numbers have even spilled over onto what I’m wearing!


I went out for eyeliner and came home with more shopping bags than were comfortable to carry and a much lighter bank balance. Of all the things I bought, my absolute favourite was the ‘NEVER TOO SWEET’ graphic tee from Primark (styled with the boots currently on sale at River Island and a simple chain from the website I run).

When I’m not at my day job, I work from home doing all the merchandise buying, order packing and marketing for Love From Misbehave! so being comfortable is key. Being comfortable while still feeling on trend is even better so I’m digging all the baggy statement tees that the high street has to offer.

This ‘NEVER TOO SWEET’ tee has a seriously bright and fun cupcake background and after we saw the array of McMoschino pieces on the catwalk during fashion week, I think foodie fashion is here to stay (for this season, at least!).

Moschino AW14 showing during Milan Fashion Week.

Moschino AW14 showing during Milan Fashion Week.

And if food covered fashion is good enough Beyonce then it’s good enough for me!


Are you a fan?

x Allie x


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